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Gynecomastia Newport Beach

Candidates for Surgery

Gynecomastia-PacificCenterForPlasticSurgeryGynecomastia or breast enlargement in men can be corrected by a variety of plastic surgical techniques. This condition often creates a psychological poor self perception and many males of all ages do not take their shirts off because of this stigma. Candidates are men who have over-developed or enlarged breasts which may occur as the result of hormonal changes or hereditary conditions.

Candidates are healthy men, whose condition cannot be corrected through exercise, weight reduction or other non-surgical treatments.  Appropriate preconditions for surgery are the stabilization of breast development (no further breast enlargement) and localized areas of excess breast tissue and fat.

Intended Result

The procedure intends to reduce the breast size and redundant breast tissue to enhance the contours of the chest.  The surgery often reduces physical discomfort associated with the area, as well as physiological and emotional dissatisfaction with the area.

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Procedure Description

General, Intravenous or local anesthesia are used for this procedure depending on the severity and type of procedure(s) selected by your plastic surgeon. It is performed on an outpatient basis. For males with very large breasts staged procedures (more than one procedure) may be required. For example, the first procedure may be liposuction, then several weeks to months later after skin contraction has occurred, a separate procedure is done to remove excess skin. By doing a staged procedure, often the final scars are less.

Oftentimes, specific types of liposuction cannulas are used and often in conjunction with direct removal of excess breast glandular tissue through small incisions for mild to moderate gynecomastia. Other specific techniques can reduce the areola when needed or reposition the nipple to create the appearance of a more natural contour.

Post-Operative Healing

Minimal gauze dressing is applied following the procedure and an easily concealed support elastic garment is usually worn to minimize swelling and help skin to contract for a 3-4 weeks following surgery. Sutures are typically removed within 7 to 10 days of surgery.

Patients engage in gentle activities of daily living for the first 10 days. No aerobic exercise for at least 3 weeks. Patients may take gentle walks after 10 days.

After the initial healing, gentle massage will help reduce discomfort or firmness.

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Risks of Surgery

The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure may be determined at the time of consultation with Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery. All surgical procedures have some degree of risk; major complications associated with this procedure are uncommon.

Contour Abnormalities: Although the doctor will make every effort to give you a “perfect” result, the area of excess tissue removal may end up with a contour that is slightly too high or too low. You may feel the “edge” around the areolar dissection. Massage and time (4-6 months) usually eliminates or reduces this problem, if it occurs.

Reduced sensation of nipple: Any surgery of the breast can lead to reduced nipple sensation. Reduced sensation is usually temporary, but may take months to resolve. In unusual cases, some permanent loss of sensation may occur.

Recurrence of Breast Enlargement: This is uncommon, but can occur. If this happens, you may require further surgery later.

Seroma Formation: A collection of fluid under the skin occurs occasionally during the postoperative period. Aspiration of the fluid with a needle is frequently helpful. Secondary surgery is rarely necessary.

Harness Within Breasts: Postoperative scarring within the breast tissue may cause areas of hardness. Occasionally, areas of hardness, when discovered later may cause worries about cancer. Mammography or even biopsy is occasionally indicated.

Patient Testimonials

RSbutton“Dr. Horowitz is an excellent plastic surgeon. I am extremely happy with my results. My interactions with him have also been wonderful. He and his staff discussed everything from pre- through post-op in an open, thoughtful, and friendly manner. Again, I highly recommend Dr. Horowitz and his staff.”
Posted by S_SouthBay, Newport Beach, CA (Real Self)

“Dr. Horowitz was wonderful in providing me with expert care! He took his time, was caring and answered all my questions! I interviewed 3 other surgeons and was most impressed and felt most comfortable in choosing Dr. Horowitz to perform my Lite-Lift. My recovery time was minimal and the staff was always available to answer any of my questions. I would not hesitate in the least in referring him to any of my friends!”
A Google User (Google+)

“This was my first experience with any type of elective surgery. I was extremely apprehensive and felt the care I received and the interaction with all the staff was incredibly reassuring and nurturing. Their responsiveness to my questions, concerns and needs was commendable and I looked forward to each visit. They all provided much education which was invaluable to my post procedure compliance and outcome.”
Posted on (Real Patient Ratings)

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